The Need for Multi-Year Strategies

The Need for Multi-Year Strategies In Your Long Term Business Plan

Mobile marketers have, for the first time, many years of mobile data to use to make predictions. This means that one of the latest trends is the development of multi-year strategies. These strategies span multiple years and aim to make the most of proposed changes on the horizon for the mobile world. While every business and marketing plan will have a slightly different multi-year plan, there are some principles that apply to all of them. Here are some factors to consider when making a multi-year strategy.
Making a Total Shift to Mobile Marketing
As marketers realize the potential of mobile marketing, they are going to need to make a total shift in their marketing approach to reach the mobile audience. Now, this does not mean abandoning your other marketing venues. Rather, it means shifting your focus so it can include mobile marketing and focus more strongly on mobile marketing.
To do this, marketers will need to combine many strategies to create rich content that will stretch to the vast mobile market. The mobile audience is different than the conventional audience, and marketers are going to need to learn how to reach them.
The Need to Incorporate Tablets Into the Plan
Up until recently, mobile phone users were the primary targets of mobile campaigns, but this is changing. Marketers are starting to realize the value of reaching the tablet market, and their multi-year strategy is going to focus some energy on reaching tablet users. You are going to need strategies for both tablet and phone users as you plan for your marketing future.
Emerging Markets with a More Mobile Focus
A multi-year plan is going to involve strategies for reaching emerging markets. Because it is easier to provide mobile technology to emerging markets than to set up the infrastructure for high speed Internet, mobile technology is going to be technology of choice for many of these markets. As brands branch into emerging markets, they are going to need to embrace mobile accessibility.
Build Slowly to Embrace Various Platforms
Trying to reach all mobile platforms at once may not be possible. Responsive websites can help, but it may not be possible to create apps, sites and SMS campaigns that will reach everyone instantly. By embracing a multi-year strategy, brands will be able to come up with a plan to slowly but surely get their message out to everyone. Marketers should start with those devices that have the greatest number of users in their target demographic, and then continue expanding until they have a sufficient outreach.
Employ Analytics to Target Campaigns
Analytics on mobile platforms are not always cut-and-dried. Companies are developing analytics that can be deployed across mobile marketing platforms. You need to choose an analytics program that will allow you to see which campaigns are working and which campaigns are not in order to make changes where warranted.
Mobile is here to stay. Smart marketers are going to create long-range plans to embrace the use of mobile in their marketing efforts. By doing so, they will help their clients find the greatest success, both online and on their favorite mobile advertising platforms.

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